Green Thumb Print creates furniture for the home and garden using reclaimed timber, we also upcycle vintage modern furniture breathing new life! Based in Lancashire.
Green Thumb Print is a new venture born out of a project I was asked to undertake recently…I was asked to create some garden furniture from a pile of scrap wood. I found this project very liberating, there is a certain amount of bish bash bosh about the whole thing, and the design to product time frame was very swift! A huge departure from the work I currently undertake under Green Thumb Prints big sister Red Thumb Print, this is high end bespoke furniture for the home. So what is the intent? Well I intend to run the two businesses side by side…. Green Thumb Print will offer a bespoke service helping you create unique items of furniture for your home or garden using reclaimed materials, prominently wood. If you have an idea and or some wood you think deserving of new life, give me a shout and we can discuss undertaking a project….alternatively we can source the timber befitting your needs from a reclamation yard. To give you an idea of the cost involved in undertaking your own project, I charge £100 per day plus the cost of any materials involved….you would be surprised what can be achieved in a day!
Aside from the bespoke side of the business, I produce one off bespoke pieces for the home and garden, most recently the Rustic Twist Table and Bench sets, and the Thinking Benches….I offer these products  for direct sale. I also intend on upcycling and breathing new life to vintage modern furniture for the home. If you are looking for French shabby chic however, you are in the wrong place….this ain’t my bag baby!
Please contact David James Shackleton at redthumbprint@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 07960 630902….Any enquiries or comments welcome.
Thank You for taking the time to view my work.


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