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The Garden Bar made from Reclaimed Timber and Discarded Pallets.

This outdoor bar and bar stools was created in two days. It is made from discarded pallets and scrap timber, the bar top is made from old roof joists, sanded back and finished with yacht oil. Accompanied by four bar stools made from roof supports.


My clients had recently had an extension built, and the old garage had been knocked down, this left  them with a pile of scrap timber including roof joists/supports. My client had always wanted an outdoor bar, who am I to disappoint? If you look around you can always find a pallet or two going free…I was lucky enough to come across this double width one for the front of the bar, the sides are made from one standard size pallet cut in two! This is all braced together on the inside, simply fixed with screws. The bar top is made from reclaimed roof joists, sanded back to reveal the woods natural grain. The bar stools are made from a single component, cut to size nice and square, these simply screw together but are heavy and solid in construction. You could have a go at making this yourself, or I would be happy to come and do it for you….to give you a guide it took me two days to construct the bar and the four stools (my client painted up and varnished the project themselves to save on cash) ….I charge £100 per day for my time so if you want to do the finishing yourself, this could be yours for £200 plus materials….aprox £300 plus materials should you wish me to do the finishing.


Thank you for taking the time to view my work.


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